December 2016

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Tools that help you compete with other companies.

We understand that SEO is simple, but a time-consuming process. SEO has to be frequently performed as the Google algorithms keep getting updated. Even little ignorance about SEO can become disastrous for a brand.The organic ranking may not be possible for your brand for some reason, but you still want to get ahead and compete with your competitors, then Adwords is for you.

Marketing has changed drastically over the years.
A brand that is hardly known today becomes a popular one, by tomorrow morning. This change happens overnight!!! Thanks to Google Adwords.
Google works that way. Google wants to benefit you, the customer and itself.
PPC service is provided by many other service providers, but Google Adwords is the most popular one.
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Advertising is not limited to newspapers and magazines anymore. Advertising has spread itself to social networking sites and web pages also.

What is Adwords?
Adwords, particularly by Google Adwords is an online advertising service. In this service, companies(the advertisers) get to display a brief advertising copy to the web users. These ads appear based on the keywords pre-defined by the advertisers. Adwords is popularly known as, Pay Per Click(PPC) service.
These ads appear either on the top of SERPs or, on the side. These will have small yellow label given by Google so that it can be differentiated from Organic results.
The results of Adwords promotion is similar to that of SEO; Adwords also increases sales, traffic, and recognition for your brand.

Adwords have quite a few advantages over SEO-
* The results with Adwords are quick and transparent. These days Adwords are taking over the SERPs.
* Google Adwords increases web traffic like crazy. It is Google, the name says it all.
* You will be paying for only those ads that are being clicked by users, that means Adwords is very cost-friendly too.
* The outcome of the Adwords on your brand is measurable.…